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Very soon most of us will all be back in business but will it ever really be ‘business as usual’?

It is clear that many hotels are taking this ‘once in a generation’ opportunity to completely rethink their way of serving guests, including an overhaul of their housekeeping operation – a department that traditionally employs a very large number of people.

Wouldn’t it be a good idea if you could turn your ‘fixed’ housekeeping costs into ‘variable’ costs? So, as your occupancy increases so does the number of staff and as it falls so will your manpower costs. Not only saving labour costs but those hidden costs such as management time troubleshooting internal operational cleaning issues.

HRS is not just a cleaning company but is an ‘award winning’ specialist cleaning operator – HRS has been offering this outsource model to hotels, condominiums, public spaces and others for many years and they continue to see the benefits.

While cost savings of well over 10% are possible the quality of the work is not compromised. We take full responsibility for keeping your guest rooms and public areas fresh and clean every day.

The good news is that the monthly cost could be less than you think.

There is no better time to consider outsourcing your housekeeping operation so, why not start the ‘ball rolling’ and call or email us for a ‘no obligation’ discussion on the options available for your hotel business.

…. And remember “with every crisis comes opportunity! – don’t miss the boat! Look forward to chatting soon.

If you would like to find out more or receive a non-obligatory quote, you can either call John at +65 97506272 or email:

John Sartain Managing Director, Hospitality Resource Solutions Pte. Ltd. +65 97506272

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