Hotel Outsourced Housekeeping Cleaning Services

Productivity-Based, Outsourced Hotel Cleaning Services

The difficulty for hotels has always been making housekeeping departments more efficient, as it is a labour intensive task. With often-volatile daily occupancy levels and a fixed payroll to deal with, hotels risk being overstaffed during low occupancies and short-staffed during high occupancies, making the control of an effective and productive manpower a challenge. But, with a core business centered on providing a productivity-based, outsourced cleaning services for hotels, HRS is tackling that challenge head-on.

Fully trained and experienced personnel

By supplying fully trained and experienced personnel to undertake hotel bedroom cleaning, HRS is able to successfully streamline systems, procedures and processes, and introduce hotel housekeeping technology where appropriate.

Paid by the hour

Our outsourcing model offers flexibility to hotels, guaranteeing that they will only pay per room cleaned, regardless of occupancy – effectively turning a fixed cost into a variable one.

Outsourced Hotel Housekeeping Service Key Benefits

Most of hotels in the United Kingdom that use this model have recorded perceptible improvements during the first six months of outsourcing their housekeeping departments, and HRS’ experience has demonstrated levels of improvement that continue to increase from a hotel’s transition to the outsource model, far through to the stabilization period.

  • Housekeeping improvements within 6 months
  • Continued increased productivity and flexibility
  • Lowered costs and time savings

It is clear that there is an appetite from hotel owners and General Managers in Singapore to explore the outsourcing model further, and if you are interested in hearing how your hotel can benefit from a partial or full outsourced cleaning service, contact HRS today.

Through HRS’ unique approach to cleaning and by carefully monitoring their teams’ performance compared to the overall performance of a typical hotel, they have seen time savings of around 90 seconds per bedroom— an effective five percent savings in time and money.

We are Fully Certified and Insured