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Though the hospitality industry in Singapore is growing rapidly, the biggest challenge hoteliers face is securing access to ‘competent, dedicated and skilled manpower’. Workforce expansion has proven a dead end for hoteliers, as a large majority of recruits either lack the skillset necessary to perform cleaning jobs with the level of expertise necessary, or they lack commitment to their employers.

Aiming to tackle this problem head on is, John Sartain, a renowned hospitality industry veteran, who launched his company, Hospitality Resource Solutions (HRS), to effectively remove the blockade that has stood in the way of success for Singaporean hoteliers, time and time again.

Driving Efficiencies & Increasing Operational Productivity

Established in 2013 with a laser-focus on assisting hoteliers drive efficiencies and increase operational productivity—all while working within today’s lean manpower environment—HRS is able to help hoteliers redefine and achieve business success.

The company offers a wide range of services which include providing quality consultancy and guidance related to productivity solutions, as well as the training and lecturing of hotel staff. The company has acquired Asian agency, LCT (Learn, Check and Test), and is utilizing their e-learning platform as an innovative approach to confronting the current quandaries in the hospitality arena.

HRS Continues to Grow

HRS is the brainchild of John Sartain, a fellow at the Institute of Hospitality and an ex-Hotel General Manager with more than 30 years of international, hotelier experience.

Having successfully operated quality hotels in the both United Kingdom and across Asia, Sartain now calls Singapore home. As a Permanent Resident in Singapore, Sartain directed both the Grand Copthorne Waterfront and the iconic Mandarin Orchard Hotel as General Manager, and was responsible for two record years of profit growth at each. He has worked with a number of the industry’s leading brands, such as Hilton, Copthorne, Millennium, Resorts World Sentosa, and Meritus Hotels & Resorts, and has assisted hoteliers in China, Myanmar, Australia, Africa, Thailand, and the United Kingdom transform their hospitality woes into a success stories through his quality and professional advice and training services.

Sartain’s triumphs can be gauged by the numerous industry accolades and awards he has earned during his career, his five-star hotel portfolio, and the continued growth of his company, HRS, which now has many of the largest industry-leading brands on board.

It was while operating in the industry that Sartain realised that there was a shortage of skilled manpower. As more hotels continued to pop up, a diminishing pool of capable workforce recruits was having a negative impact on both the performance and productivity of the hotels, and was also failing to deliver the ultimate customer experience that every hotelier aims for. While some in the industry have tried hiring additional staff to ameliorate these problem, and ensure that hotel rooms are properly cleaned and well-maintained, these actions have consistently failed to produce the kind of progress required—especially given the increases in cost.

The reason for this was quickly clear to Sartain. New recruits lacked both skills and dedication. They did not want to be cleaners, associated with the stigma that it’s a difficult and tiresome job. But drawing on his past experience and innovative mindset, Sartain knew that he would be able to solve the problem.

Work Smart Not Hard

To both cope with the manpower crunch and help hoteliers enjoy significant cost savings simultaneously, Sartain launched HRS.

By supplying fully-trained and experienced personnel to undertake hotel bedroom cleaning, HRS is able to successfully streamline systems, procedures and processes, and introduce technology where appropriate. The company’s outsourcing model – “The two man team approach” has shown significant success by offering flexibility and an interesting new model to hotels, guaranteeing that they will only pay per room cleaned, regardless of occupancy – effectively turning their fixed cost into a variable one.

HRS educates staff on how to work smarter not harder, helping drive productivity by performing cleaning services strategically. Through the education sessions, staff become familiar with the tips and tricks that allow them to optimise the time taken to clean each guest room, and effectively save both time and money for the hoteliers.

Best in Hospitality Experience and Innovation

The solutions HRS offers are based on the individual needs of each of their customers but are rooted in finding efficiencies and productivity improvements. The team at HRS is consistently developing new methods, tools, and materials to help improve cleaning workflow, and they pride themselves on providing reliable, competitively-priced services to those wishing to outsource their cleaning needs.

Additionally, HRS has a quality training arrangement with recognised training suppliers and has attained bizSAFE Level 3, based on the company’s effort in providing safe and healthy workplaces for their employees.

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